It is like, you wake up,

And everyday revive yourself.

With other peoples words,

Your own thoughts. Rituals.

You place the pieces back together

Work on it. Time and again,


This isn’t a job that you asked for.

And you know there are people out there

Who wake up with a clearer image.

Who don’t need to talk themselves down-

Talk themselves up.

But this is your job, so you take it


Sometimes it helps to talk

Other times it feels like this pain

Is private. To ruminate

Gives you freedom to dwell

Within the parts that need fixing.

So you work on them


The infinite game of being human

With a finite end in tow

So you read the words of others

And write your own

When it fits.

And the picture becomes clearer


Yet does the picture become

More than a fogged reflection

Over that sink? Are you destined

To find that wholeness? But carry on

Regardless. ‘Cos somethings gotta give.

So you do the work


This focus is its own form

Of narcissism. For outside

The walls of your mind

There are people to be served

Other lives to engage with.

So shake off the reverie, helping others


For service is a gift

For giver and receiver.

Offer it and find your spirit

Both capable and willing.

Simply because showing up takes

Strength. And your heart leaps


Yet within this hides a tipping point.

One that will have you falling

Headlong into joy. Or burnout.

Be cautious, tread lightly

Understand that there is only so much.

Yes, use this abundance


But give yourself over to love.

No fear, nor greed should dwell

In the heart.

In love of all things you teach — and learn

Gratitude and joy. So that your pieces,

As they fuse together, they do so


Founder & Writer at Blognitive Therapy. Deeply committed to psychology, movement and mental health awareness. Fascinated by pretty much everything else.

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