For The One Left

We’ve all experienced the heartache ‘breaking-up’ with a friend. Here is mine.

When set adrift

In a sea of luminous faces

Joined hands and lingering hugs,

You hide your face from me

Drift past Leave gaps

A silence less golden

Than anything left

In this material world.

Dirty and shameful

Empty and pointless

A gift of misunderstood

Histories, left

Ravaging memory

A desolate wasteland

Of questions

When an answer is all

I need

Some sort of closure

This will not come to

A friend

Who will never be


In turn

I have chosen to hide

My face from you

But truth comes from

An empty bottle, and

Again, I wear

My heart on my sleeve

Cleaving the past in two

Cutting you off,






I am still thinking

But you,

Who started this

On some unknown day

At some unknown time

Have removed all traces

Of a bond

That felt


Like sisters

One has died

Feels nothing

For the one left


No comment

For the one who mourns.

Whilst reality is steeped

In time, and

The wound mends

I still feel Regret

Founder & Writer at Blognitive Therapy. Deeply committed to psychology, movement and mental health awareness. Fascinated by pretty much everything else.

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